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2002 National Elections


The 2002 NAPPF National Election will be held in July, with the results announced in August.  Ballots will be mailed to all members in July.  All ballots must be returned by August 1st.  A self addressed envelope is included with the ballot and biographies on all candidates. 


The following members have been nominated and are running for election in their respective Regions. Biographies have been submitted by each candidate for consideration by the membership.

You may only vote for ONE Regional Candidate in the region you live

Northwest                Washington, Oregon, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming and Alaska

Northeast                Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, Delaware,
                                 Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania, W. Virginia, Virginia and District of Columbia

Southwest               California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Colorado and Hawaii

Southeast               Kentucky, Tennessee, N. Carolina, S. Carolina, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Puerto Rico
                                 and the Virgin Islands

North Central          N. Dakota, S. Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas and Missouri

East Central           Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana and Ohio

South Central         New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana

Canada                   All Canada

Mexico                    All Mexico

All members may vote for up to FOUR At Large Candidates
At Large Region

Northwestern Region
You may vote for ONE of these Regional Candidates if you live in this region. You may also vote for FOUR At Large Candidates.

Sol Lovas    (Incumbent)
My name is Sol Lovas. I am an ASC-certified Advanced Flight Instructor for Powered Parachutes. I have been involved in the sport since the spring of 1995. I became a BFI in the fall of 1995, and
achieved AFI status in the fall of 1996. I was the first female AFI to be certified in the United States. I am currently the regional director for the Northwest Region of the NAPPF (Washington, Oregon, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming and Alaska), and I serve as NAPPF's Treasurer, and as the Chair of its Education/Safety Committee.
I am a part-time dealer and instructor/examiner for powered parachutes. I am also a full-time attorney practicing law in Billings, Montana (estate planning and elder law, mostly). Therefore my powered parachute activities are a part-time, but important, second business for me. I have sold and/or trained in Six Chuters, Buckeyes, Destinys, Harmenings and Powrachutes.
I was born in Seattle, Washington, lived in Anchorage, Alaska, from grade school through college, and then moved to Montana, where my parents grew up.
My main reasons for being a part of the NAPPF are (1) to work to recognize and/or develop really good training materials for the powered parachute industry; (2) to be involved in and help the industry and its pilots with the transition to Sport Pilot, however it is finally structured; and (3) to help promote this wonderful sport. I have enjoyed getting involved with the sport on the national level, and I aim to do what I can to help make the NAPPF a good resource and advocate for the powered parachute community.

Larry Larson

Let me introduce myself, I’m Larry Larson from Havre, MT, land of the Big Sky country and lots of wind. I work for United Parcel Service, and deliver all my packages by PPC, just kidding, although it is an intriguing thought. I have been flying a ppc now for two years, got my BFI rating and have about 60 hours of flight time. I think flying a PPC allows one to experience the freedom of flight in its purest form. I would like to see the sport evolve into a respected segment of the avaition community by promoting safety, training and good old common sense. I hope our concerns and needs will be met as we move forward to the new sport pilot designation, keeping the door open to all ppc pilots and to those people on the ground looking up and waving, that they too may be able to fly and experience the freedom we so love and enjoy. Blue Sky and calm winds to you all.

You may vote for ONE of these Regional Candidates if you live in this region. You may also vote for FOUR At Large Candidates.

Chris East     (Incumbent)
On being a preferred candidate for the Canadian Representative of the NAPPF...
I am one who promotes training, safety and the enjoyment of the activity in general whenever I speak to people about PPCs, and I speak to them a lot! Whether it be a chance meeting at a gas station (what is that thing?), or a conversation with someone who is seriously interested - my aim is to portray the wonder and delight honestly. I have been flying since I bought my Buckeye Dream Machine in July of 1998, while I did work
with my dealer to promote PPCs I am not a dealer - I just fly when I can! My flying is not often done near home, it can lead me over 1400kms (close to 1000mi) away, why? I love to fly, and to meet others who do. If time would allow, my tours would take me further! I'm an active member of 2 PPC email lists, and owner of one. These lists are intended as a venue for pilots to share their experience so that others may learn. I had been working in partnership with Jim Smyth until his death in 2001 developing a website to serve as a Canadian information base for PPCs, the intent is to provide an overview of the Canadian regs, a place to advertise PPCs and accessories for sale in Canada, a place to find out where the flyins are! While I haven't launched it yet, I hope to this fall. I also bring another unique point of view to the NAPPF - I have no financial interest in PPCs - I am participating purely as a pilot.
My interests in taking part in this are parallel to this: "The object of NAPPF is to promote safety; quality of instruction; enhancement of competency in pilot skills; dissemination and exchange of information regarding powered parachute aviation to its membership, to other aviation associations, to the public, and appropriate governmental agencies. Technological advances and safety concerns in the manufacture of powered parachutes are a major interest of this organization." I want to see the Canadian members have a voice in making this happen, this is a pilots organization, and I would thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to bring our voices together!

North Central
You may vote for ONE of these Regional Candidates if you live in this region. You may also vote for FOUR At Large Candidates.

Ralph McClurg     (Incumbent)
I have been flying since 1966 and hold FAA Commercial and Instrument Ratings in Fixed-wing and Helicopters. I found powered parachutes in 1996 and have let them become an obsession to me. I love flying them and teaching others how to fly them.
I am a Mechanical Engineer for a large company and a Senior Warrant Officer in the Missouri National Guard. I am a Viet Nam veteran as well.
I believe the future of powered parachuting is a bright one and I want to help make it as great as it can be. It will be great only if we standardize on training requirements and if we emphasize being both safe and legal when
we fly.

Michael Swink
Hello, my name is Michael Swink
I have been actively involved in ultralights for 3 1/2 years. During this time, I have acquired a greater knowledge and understanding of flying and have had the opportunity
to experience many things. I became a Basic flight Instructor in May 2000 under the training of "Hops" in Indiana and since then, I have also became an Advanced Flight Instructor.
I have flown several different kinds of paraplanes including Six Chuters, Buckeyes, Destiny, Harmening, and Infinity,
I have flown and instructed students in both Titan Tornados and Pegasus Trikes. I have also had the opportunity to fly a RAF 2000 Gyrocoptor and I have trained in other general aviation aircraft.
I am a member of the south Central Chapter of the Missouri Pilots Association, and I sit on the Board of Directors for several Missouri corporations,
I live in the beautiful Ozarks, just outside of West plains, MO. I am married to a
wonderful, supportive wife, PJ and I have two sons, Kody and Taylor

Terry G. Clarkson
PO. Box 193
 20416 HWY 50
 Cimarron, KS 67835
 Home Phone (620) 855-2479
 Born in Pratt, KS
 Age 52
 Raised on a farm
 Attended schools in Haviland, KS
 B.S. Degree in Biology from Pittsburg State University
 M.S. Degree in Environmental Biology from Pittsburg State University
 KS State Department of Agriculture-Inspector for the Pesticide Division
 Powered Parachutes, Bow-hunting, Church Activities
 Skydiving-over 600 jumps, FAA Senior Parachute Rigger, BFI rating in PPC, ASC & NAPPF member , GA Private Pilot
 Wife, Linda, Two married children, school teacher

Southeast Region
You may vote for ONE of these Regional Candidates if you live in this region. You may also vote for FOUR At Large Candidates.

John Riffey
1965 Graduated Waverly High School, Waverly, IL
1965-67 Fort Leonard Wood MP Training in Ft Gordon, GA. After training stationed Chicago for 2 yrs.
65-87 United States Army Military Police
67-68 Viet Nam, return to El Paso TX
Army Criminal Investigation in 1970
70-73 Berlin, Germany
US Customs School 1972 in Germany
FBI Bomb School 1973
73-76 US Military Academy at West Point
78 Graduated BA Business Administration Columbus College, Columbia MO,
76-79 Fort McClellan, AL as a Senior Drill Instructor
79-83 Stationed in Japan
83 Fort Bliss to Sergeant Major Academy as a student, Graduated Feb
1984 Anti Terrorist School
1984 To Leavenworth, KS until Sept 85 then back to Ft McClennan as Battalion Command Sergeant Maj.
Retired 7/1/87
July 87 to 97 Installed Computer Hardware in new Wal-Mart stores.
I have been flying since I was 15 years old, and hold a private pilot certificate from the FAA, with over 3000 accumulated hours of fixed wing time. Additionally I am an ASC Advanced Flight Instructor with over 1000 hours in powered parachutes and just recently qualified in trikes. I am also working on finishing my flight time to qualify as an instructor in Fixed Wings. During the course of years I have flown in Japan, Hawaii, Guam, Korea, and the United States. Currently, my wife Sandy, and I live in our motor home, and travel the countryside training, and promoting the "ultralight experience". Out travels give us the opportunity to meet many people, and interact with the owners of flight parks as well as public airports. These travels give me a deeper insight to the positive and the negative perceptions of ultralight flying. I believe that my experience, both in the air and in management positions will serve me well in achieving the goals of the NAPPF.

Ron Price
Currently the Worldwide distributor of the French made Legacy SL and a POWRACHUTE dealer in sunny Miami, FL. Ron also is chief flight instructor for POWERED PARACHUTE ADVENTURES and has flown over 600 students in his 3 year career as a Flight instructor. His log includes over 1200 hours of flight time in powered parachutes. Ron is a very strong advocate in the industry with safety being his first priority, strong manufacture standards and supporter of local fly-ins nation wide for promoting the sport and better pilots. Ron also runs a flight service for teaching the physically challenged people to learn to fly, current students include those in police departments and FAA personnel. I would appreciate your vote for SE Regional Director.


My wife Irene and I bought UltraFlight almost 6 years ago. Since then I have been active in the ultralight and powered parachutes communities. I have taken every opportunity to promote the sport of Powered Parachuting in the magazine and through sponsorships of events such as the World PPC Championships. In fact, I ran free ads in UltraFlight Magazine promoting the NAPPF as far back as when Dan Thompson was president of the organization. To better promote PPCs and the industry we took the magazine to the newsstand to become the first ultralight-only magazine there. At UltraFlight we continually emphasize training and safety and try to provide the best information possible to the powered parachute community. UltraFlight has committed itself to the promotion of this great portion of the ultralight industry, with its continued coverage in our magazine and at the airshows that we attend. I would like to be elected as a regional representative for the Southeast area in order to better serve the powered parachute community. I believe I can offer skills in promoting the sport and the NAPPF to the community as well as provide another way to get safety and training information out to powered parachute pilots.

Northeastern Region
You may vote for ONE of these Regional Candidates if you live in this region. You may also vote for FOUR At Large Candidates.

Barry Shellington

Aviation has been a part of Barry’s and upbringing just as learning to ride a bike was. He learned to fly a fixed wing Piper Tri-Pacer as a kid while accompanying his Dad who was a commercial pilot and creator of aerial traffic reporting (subsequently taken over by helicopters). Barry went on to acquire his license in General Aviation and is today a commercial pilot with multi-engine & instrument ratings. He currently flies his Grumman Tiger (AA-5B) venturing from the Caribbean islands in the Atlantic Ocean to Santa Catalina (an island in the Pacific Ocean) and everywhere in between.
As President of Para-Flying, Inc., Barry was involved in the PPC market in the very beginning with Steve Snyder and the original ParaPlane. He has lead Para-Flying to become one of the oldest and best known
PPC dealerships in the world. Para-Flying boasts customers in every continent of the world! Para-Flying entering its 19th season and is an authorized distributor for most of the largest, longest lived PPC manufacturers.
Barry was involved with ASC in the beginning and was the first PPC AFI in the state of Pennsylvania.
The NAPPF is in the unique position to foster our exiting "new" sport in a safe manner.
We can be a valuable resource to those in the sport & those considering it.

Ray Pickens
My name is Ray Pickens and I am running for the position of Northeast Representative for the North American Powered Parachute Federation.
In my past life I was an architect and have lived in the United States, in Hawaii (a small suburb of the United States) and in New Zealand. Currently my wife Sue and I live in central Virginia where we fly and train others to fly powered parachutes.
interested in powered parachutes in 1999 at the ASC Nationals in Marshall, MI. There I met others in the sport and became enthralled with it.
I bought my first powered parachute in the spring of 2000 and trained with the soon to be 2000 World Powered Parachute Champion, Eddie Johnson. From there I devoted full time to learning as much as I could about the sport including traveling to major airshows, flyins and powered parachute
While learning to fly I found at the time there was very little training documentation available. One of the first things I did after becoming an instructor was to write a training manual that has turned out to help me and many others get folks safely and legally into the sky.
I would like to become a member of the NAPPF board because I think it is a great opportunity to promote safety and training in powered parachuting. I think that the organization has great potential but has been lacking in achieving that potential. I would like to help the NAPPF become more relevant to its members.

Glenn A Seay
Seahawk Paraflights, LLC
Hampton Roads Airport, Hang-55
W Military Highway
Chesapeake, VA 23321
I have been involved in Powered Parachutes from 1997 to present. Prior parachuting experience was five years as a Jumpmaster. I have developed one of the largest East Coast Training Centers and am considered a major Mid-Atlantic Distributor. I have developed the Outer Banks PPC Club with members flying all types of PPC’s.
What I would bring to the organization is 25 years experience in Program Management skills. As a civil servant in the US Army Corps of Engineers I have been dedicated on Emergency Management Disaster Recovery and Planning. I have major event experience to include Ground Zero, Pentagon, over seas deployments and numerous natural disasters in the United States, all bearing highly visible decision making processing, planning and execution of missions.
I would be pleased and honored to make a creative contribution to NAPPF and to give all my support to our growing community.

Southwestern Region
You may vote for ONE of these Regional Candidates if you live in this region. You may also vote for FOUR At Large Candidates.

Phil Dietro

I have been involved in the sport of powered parachutes since August of 1992. My brother & I purchased a used Paraplane PM-2 at that time. The following year, I became a dealer for
Paraplane, and went through the last dealer training seminar conducted by Steve Snyder. I continued as a dealer for them until their successor, Paraplane International went out of business. I then became a dealer for Paladin Industries when Matt Dautle formed that company, and was with them until Matt sold the company in late 2001, at which time I elected not to continue a business relationship with the new owners.
I am a BFI through ASC, and a member of NAPPF, as well as the current Southwestern U.S. Representative on the board of NAPPF. I have logged over 600 hours as pilot in command, plus as instructor, both solo & dual. I am currently not a dealer for any manufacture of powered parachutes, but still enjoy the fun & freedom of flight this sport has to offer. As a board member, I look out for the interest of the pilots involved in this sport, and welcome input from
My background has been 30 years in consumer electronic sales, and management. I currently own my own company, selling Dish Network satellite TV systems, and until the ownership change at Paladin, was a full time dealer of powered parachutes. I have been looking at other lines of powered parachutes, and when I make a decision on which line I want to be a rep for, I may become a dealer again. I look forward to being able to continue as your area rep for NAPPF. My goal is to help make the NAPPF a pilot’s organization, looking out for the best interest of the pilots, which will ultimately help the sport and make it grow.

Dave Magee
I retried from the Marine Corps with a twenty year background of Aircraft maintenance and flying. My duties while with the Marines varied from aircraft electrician to Quality Assurance Manager. I have over 3,000 flight hours as a crew member and Test Flight Crew Chief in helicopters and fixed wing aircraft. Because of this aviation background, it was only natural that I find my way to some sore of sport flying. I became a member of the ASC and NAPPF when my son and I purchased a Harmening’s High Flyer in March of 2001. Although I am a relatively new member of ASC and NAPPF with a little over a year of powered parachuting, I have become a BFI, started a small school and became a dealer for Harmenings. I want to become the Southwestern US Representative and help NAPPF continue to be an organization that cares about pilots, their safety and our sport.

Frederick Scheffel
Frederick Scheffel is the CEO of SkyTrails Ranch, Inc. Dr. Paul Gooch and Frederick started SkyTrails Ranch, Inc. in1999 with one primary purpose: To create a greater number of safe & knowledgeable PPC pilots, which are less prone to complacency. Frederick has invested a significant effort to establish himself as a successful entrepreneur. While still in his graduate Psychology program, Frederick was pulled into the computer industry in the late 70's by an evil aerospace company that offered him way to-much money to program a robotics system. And with the passing of time (and some computer BS - note that is not a degree) he became a Computer Systems Analyst for 17 years. Now however, Frederick has traded income (and stress) for this love of flight, and now works full-time, year-round training (as an AFI) and sharing the experience of safe ultralight flight in PPC's. As reflected in his book: "PPC Guide & Training manual", Frederick has a strong love for the freedom of flight and for the obligations ultralight
instructors have to the community. He has a record that shows that he is more than willing to help and support the people and businesses of the local communities as well. Currently the Sheriff's Search & Rescue Department calls on the volunteered services of the company and its associates whenever the need arises. And the local Charities can consistently count on SkyTrails Ranch, Inc. to aid in their fund raising events. SkyTrails Ranch, Inc., under the leadership of Frederick, has acquired a reputation in the powered parachute world for the highest quality of PPC training. Frederick can benefit the representation of the NAPPF Southwest via his experiences flying & training ultralight pilots in the deserts, mountains, and canyons of the colorful southwestern U.S.A. PS. He goes by Frederick because there are three Fred's in the immediate family. His GrandDad took Fritz, his Dad took Fred, and he was not crazy about being a 'Freddy', so Frederick he became.

South Central - No Regional Candidates up for election.  You may vote for FOUR AT Large candidates

East Central - No Regional Candidates up for election.  You may vote for FOUR AT Large candidates

Mexico - No candidates nominated. You may vote for FOUR AT Large candidates


Jim Sweeney     (Incumbent)
During the past 3+ years, I have enjoyed working on the NAPPF Board as a Director at Large. During that time, I have been able to help bring about some changes in NAPPF allowing the organization to be more visible and meaningful to the members. Some areas that have worked well are:
Internet Board Meeting - I have chaired the Internet Board Meeting allowing the Board Members to communicate more often and quickly on administrative, industry and pilot issues.
NAPPF UPDATE - I have authored the NAPPF UPDATE sending monthly information and NAPPF status to AERO CONNECTIONS Magazine and the NAPPF website.
NAPPF Website – I have loaded and maintained many articles, regulations, news items and topics of interest on to the NAPPF website. The number of visitors to the website has increased significantly in the past year.
NAPPF Board – I was elected NAPPF Board president in March.
My goal if re-elected is to continue the transition of NAPPF to an organization that is visible and relevant to the membership.
My aviation background goes back to the early '60s when I spent a lot of time at the local airport. I worked most of the airport jobs - line crew, dispatcher, scenic rides, charter & flight instruction. The military trained me as an air traffic controller with duty in the tower at Ft. Knox and a tour Vietnam. After the Army, I continued flight instructing till the day job took too much time. When I decided to get active again in aviation, it was with ultralights and specifically with powered parachutes. My PPC activities include BFI training at the Easy Flight Training Center, BFI Refresher courses, the Illinois Ultralight Safety Seminar and NAPPF. I am a current GA and fixed wing ultralight pilot but that flying just doesn't come close to the kick I get from flying Powered Parachutes.

Tony Irwin     (Incumbent)
I have been actively involved in the aviation industry through the U.S. Army and civil aviation for 27 years as a rotary wing/fixed wing pilot and aviation safety technician. I graduated from St. Mary's University in 1969 and served an Army helicopter pilot in Vietnam (UH1) pilot in an Air Calvary Squadron, UH1 pilot in the U.S. Army Reserves/National Guard and in support of Desert Shield and Desert Storm with the 5th Infantry Division, and CH-47 pilot in the Republic of Korea. I have an FAA Commercial Rotary Wing license with instrument and Single engine land. I am a BFI in powered parachutes through Aero Sports Connection. I reside in San Antonio, Texas and I work with the Operations and Aviation Division of Ft. Sam Houston, Texas. I work directly with the FAA; San Antonio District office on aviation matters directly effecting Ft. Sam Houston and Camp Bullis training areas. I am doing business as Texas Powered Parachutes, Inc. Since the Powered Parachute industry in unique unto itself, I would like to see NAPPF develop to the point where we are the industry standard. Endeavor to develop and promote an educational following in all areas pertaining to PPC operations. Experienced and inexperienced pilots alike can share reliable resources available to them and promote the overall success of the sport. The more united we become toward this goal will place the NAPPF in the forefront as leading the industry by example and result. anthony_irwin@ yahoo.com

Jeff Jensen     (Incumbent)
Hello, I have been involved in Powered Parachuting since 1995 and in aviation for over 17 years. I have also been on the board of the NAPPF for a couple of years now and currently serve as Vice President. It has been very encouraging to see the increase in activity and commitment over the last several months by the NAPPF under the leadership of Jim Sweeney. I look forward to the future growth of our sport and would like to continue as a part of the orginization directing it. I would appreciate your support in the election.

Doug Miller     (Incumbent)

I am co-owner of Sky-Riders LLC, a Six Chuter dealership located in Jennings, Louisiana since 1992. After serving in the US Army, I was a general contractor for 12 years and then owned and managed a Yamaha motorcycle dealership. I have been earning my real living in Property Management for the past 15 years. My powered parachute dealership involvement is a labor of love that I share with dealers and flyers of all brands across the United States. It is this enthusiasm and experience that I hope to bring with me as a Director at Large for the NAPPF.
These past years have been uniquely fun for me, varying from instructing many new pilots as an ASC/EAA instructor/examiner to a MTV Road Rules debut and, finally, participation on the Six Chuter National Sales Team.
After being elected as NAPPF Director At Large I was then nominated and elected by the NAPPF Board to the executive position of NAPPF Secretary. I appreciate the confidence that you have placed in me and ask for your vote once again so that I may help to implement the many new motions that we now have in progress.
The pace of growth in this sport has been staggering and with the implementation of the Sport Pilot Certification, the opportunities for improving our sport are greater than ever. I hope to be on the ground floor of this exciting new chapter in our history. I ask for your vote for Director at Large and if re-elected, my door is always open...by e-mail of course. DMILLER779 @aol.com

Dave Krause
I have been flying powered parachutes since 1997 and have attended many flyins in the Midwest as well as the ASC Nationals at KIMO, Sun N Fun and Oshkosh. I have been most impressed by the improvements in PPCs in the last 2 years and now in the changes through Sport Pilot. All of these changes have brought about an increased awareness of PPC’s and hopefully, an increased respectability.
I feel NAPPF should be an organization where beginning and advanced flyers should be able to use our resources to enhance their skills and become more aware of safety for our sport. The dollars collected through NAPPF should be used for these purposes to benefit the majority of members, instead of a minority. Educational programs on the internet, participation in hands on safety seminars and assistance to sport pilot transition would be some areas that I would like to see our dollars being spent on for all our members. I would like to see more ways for NAPPF members to have input into how our money is spent so we can benefit the largest number of members. The organization has money allocated from our membership through ASC, so lets spend it wisely, not just spend it in one way because it is there.

Mark Look
I own a small wood working shop, The Custom "Look". Designing and manufacturing wooden furniture. I am an Elder (minister) in the Church of Jesus Christ the Lamb of God, and am pastor of our branch.
I am a member of the EAA and am BFI certified as well as a member of the NAPPF. I received my initial flight and subsequent training from Doug and Dave at Skysail in Philips Maine. I have logged more than 80 hours flying time this past year and have given about 25 introductory flights in my Harmening High Flyer. Although a newcomer to the PPC world I have long been interested in personal flight. For as long as ultralight vehicles have been around I have taken great interest. I subscribe to Ultraflight magazine and the
EAA publication Experimenter. The prospect of being directly involved in the grass roots of the safety and policy of PPC’s is exciting. I am look forward to our future interaction and correspondence. My long term plan is to instruct in PPCs and sell the units. I fly a Harmening High Flyer now and hope to be a dealer in these and perhaps other brands also. Thank you for your consideration on my behalf. Being on the Board of a national council would be an honor.

Larry Crutcher
After 20 years operating a satellite communications business in Tulsa, OK, my wife Debbie and I decided to make a radical change in our life. We sold our business and home in 1999 and hit the road in a massive fifth wheel trailer. After a couple of years
roaming the country, we came across some powered parachutes in central Michigan. Within minutes of liftoff, I decided we had to have one of these.
Later that month I met with John Rivers, Destiny Aircraft Corporation, and we soon came to an agreement and I joined them as the National Field Representative for the Western USA. Since then I have become an ASC certified BFI and logged over 100 hours in the last 6 months. While I am new to this industry, I am excited about the future and devoted to the promotion of safe and enjoyable flight for all Powered Parachutes. I look forward to meeting anyone in my travels that has a passion for this great sport.
National Field Representative Destiny Aircraft Corporation When it’s your Destiny to fly…

Jeremy Snead
I have been flying powered parachutes since 1992 and am currently an EAA BFI with ratings for powered parachutes, powered weight shift, and powered fixed wing. I am also a GA private pilot. I have worked for ppw manufacturers and have an extensive knowledge of ppw and the rules that govern their operation. I am wanting to preserve the freedom of flight that we have, and this can only be done by making sure that quality flight instructors and regulations pertaining to ppw are made by people that are involved in our sport.

John Thomas McJunkins
John Thomas McJunkins, Sr., President
Corporate Computing, Inc.
In the vigorous, expanding and vital business economy, and political environment, of Ouachita Parish, and particularly, the city of Monroe, Louisiana, the name Tommy McJunkins is widely known and respected for each of the three careers he has chosen, which are, in order of their undertaking:
1. Business Development through Leadership
2. Family man as Husband and Father
3. Political Activism via Elected Service

1. Business Development and Leadership
The Early Years: Tommy began his ascent in the career of business in earnest in 1975 with his merit selection and appointment to the District Management Team for Goodyear Tire & Rubber. As District Inside Sales Manager Tommy’s vision for an "Inside Sales Concept," together with his leadership, carried his newly formed team beyond the $300 million dollar sales mark in the first 12 months of operation. It was here that Tommy developed his appreciation for vision, leadership and planning as primary management tools. He learned the value of leading by example. His personal sales figures, innovative thinking and dedication to work served to inspire his entire team in the successful creation of a complete new division for Goodyear Tire & Rubber.
McJunkins Enterprises, Inc.: In 1980 Tommy’s vision spurred him to acquire a then faltering retail and wholesale tire operation, and use it as a platform to go into business for himself, now as McJunkins Enterprises, Inc.. Building on the management skills he developed in the previous 5 years, within the second year after acquisition the annual sales exploded past the $1.5 million mark, expanding the original outlet into a chain of three. With the rapid expansion, Tommy’s vision for the future of McJunkins Enterprises included complete state-of-the-art computerization. When he identified a vacuum in the local market sourcing for the computer hardware, software and know-how his company required, Tommy drew on his natural affinity for technology and created Corporate Computing, Inc..
Corporate Computing, Inc.: After five years of solid profitability, Tommy sold McJunkins Enterprises and rolled his profits over into Corporate Computing, Inc., which is now his flagship enterprise. Under his leadership, CC Inc. claimed and still retains the lion’s share of the business, banking and major healthcare computer services in the Monroe area. Because of the highly technical and sophisticated nature of this market segment, an exceptionally high level of training and expertise is required. Recognizing this, Tommy demonstrates leadership to his fifteen employees by his continuing personal education. He has earned every technical certification useful to the operation of his enterprises, including
Novell Certified NetWare Administrator (CNA)
Novell Certified NetWare Engineers (CNE)
Master Certified NetWare Engineer (MCNE)
Microsoft Certified Professionals (MCP)
Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE/Internet)
Authorized IBM Business Partner: AS/400
Authorized IBM Business Partner: RS/6000
SCO UNIX Certified
Lotus Notes Certified Partner
HP Certified Lan Specialist
Tommy’s attitude towards training and education is supported by CC Inc.’s policy of underwriting 100% of it’s employee’s educational undertakings. Due to his leadership, all of his employees hold at least some, if not all, of the more important certifications for their specialties. This, together with his attentive management style and work ethic, has led CC Inc. to annual sales marks between 1.5 and 2 million dollars in each of the last 8 consecutive years. Today CC Inc. prospers as a regional Network Integration Service, dominating their market. CC Inc.’s multi-platform ancillary services include systems design and consulting; hardware configuration, repair and maintenance; software development, training and application; intranet and Internet corporate solutions; and IBM authorized AS/400 solutions.
Powerchutes.com – Highly focused and tightly targeted Internet Web portal for the Powered Parachute Industry. This website has maintained a hit rate in the last 12 months of approximately 100,000 hits per month, a yearly rate of over one million contacts.
Suresurv.com – An Internet Service Business, specializing in Domain Registration and Website Hosting. Mr. McJunkins operates this powerful Internet presence as an infrastructure adjunct to the other undertakings of his own and his clients.
Airsharenow.com -- This Internet-based business offers an innovative product marketed via this ecommerce website. This website, highly successful in it’s own right, is also the demonstration model for clients wishing to undertake venture(s) in web-based marketing and commerce. Mr. McJunkins is a partner in this venture with the inventor of the product. The product is also marketed via QVC (television), Solutions Catalog (print) and is quickly garnering a niche in the specialty products arena.
Diamond Dodge Chrysler Jeep, Inc This venture, undertaken in tandem with his partner, prominent Monroe businessman Glen H. Robinson, was chosen specifically because of the benefits each of the partners could bring to the table. Within the first two months of operation Mr. McJunkins’ business acumen and Mr. Robinson’s experience in Banking and Finance have enabled this leading Bastrop, Louisiana Dealership to break all of it’s own previous profit records.

2. Family man: Husband and Father
Tommy’s highly successful business and political careers are surpassed only by his accomplishments on the home front. His wife of 12 years, Patty, the former Patricia Trimble, is also his enthusiastic partner in each of the McJunkins business undertakings. As well, she is the mother of his son, John, Jr., now 9 years old, and the joy of their home life. Every Saturday morning is set aside as Father-and-son day, strictly enforced, and richly beneficial to the McJunkins’ home life. Tommy demonstrates and supports a strong family structure as part of his leadership example to all his employees. A steady and faithful home life is not only a personal but also an important business tenet of the McJunkins. Tommy is an avid supporter of and a regular fixture at all his son’s sporting events, also strictly enforced.

3. Political Activism through Elected Service
Tommy’s reputation as a successful businessman, innovator and solutions provider led almost unavoidably to a mandate in 1994 for his participation in political service. His widely know and respected business acumen made Tommy a favorite for an elected position where fiscal responsibility, know-how and innovation were critically important attributes. Tommy was elected to serve, not only on the Parish-wide (regional) governing body, but as it’s President. Tommy supports term limits, but was obligated to continue in service when he was un-opposed in his second term.
Tommy, age 46, was born April 24th, 1953, in Tampa, Florida. He moved to Louisiana with his parents in 1964, and has resided there continuously since then. He is active and in good health. Outside of business his hobbies include travel and independent study. Married but once, and then to Patricia Sue Trimble of Monroe, Louisiana, in 1989, with whom he resides at the family homeplace in rural Monroe located on Bayou DeSaird:
1427 Finks-Hideaway Road, Monroe, Louisiana 71203

Steve Austin
Hi, my name is Steve Austin. I have been flying Powered Parachutes since 1998. My first PPC was a Paraplane PSE 2. I now fly a HHF2000 PPC. I have over 400 hours in PPC’s and hold AFI certification with ASC. I have been Vice President of our PPC club, "BARF". I am still very active with the club.
I have helped many PPC pilots obtain their goal of becoming a BFI in order to share the sport with others. I would like to help more people and promote safer flying through educational programs and seminars. In addition, I have also been a licensed pilot since 1982. I would appreciate your vote
Thank you for your consideration.

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